The final group of tiles has arrived and will be mounted on the Memorial Wall in September.

The latest tiles have been ordered in a different color, Puritan Grey, since our supplier ran out of the Adobe color. New tiles will be placed on the right and left sides of the existing tiles to form a border on either side of the existing tiles. As more tiles are added, the grey tiles may equal or exceed the number of adobe tiles forming symmetrical blocks on either side.


All bricks mounted on the wall currently are pictured below in blocks. Left to right:


  • Current parishioners and parish organizations, their family members (living and deceased) who support this fundraising effort to provide this gathering area, the first step toward rebuilding a hall and rectory for our community.

  • Former members of our parish family, living and deceased, who have moved away.

  • Those outside our parish who support our efforts to rebuild.

  • Family members’ special events: sacraments, anniversaries, thanksgiving for something special, or outstanding achievements


Please direct questions to Jim Collins at (831) 821- 9369 or