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STM offers programs for adults to learn more about the Catholic faith. 

See current offerings below:



In twelve beautifully produced lessons by Scott Hahn, this study explores the Scriptural encounters with the Divine – the burning bush, the ark of the covenant, the burning coal, and more! As our fear and trembling turns to awe and wonder, you’ll come to a new appreciation of our sharing in the divine life. 

All sessions (90 minute sessions) will be offered at STM Church on either Tuesdays at 6:00 pm including light refreshments or on Wednesdays at 10:00 am including light refreshments. A free study guide will be provided for all those who register. All participants are encouraged to read the lessons and answer a few questions at the end of the lesson before each session. Contact Deacon Mike Mangan (mikermangan@gmail.comor Jim Collins ( for more information.


Lesson 1: The Genesis of Holiness (Cancelled: Rescheduled for March 7,8)

(February 28, March 1): Review Questions 1: answers

Lesson 1: The Genesis of Holiness & Lesson 2: The Holiness Explosion

( March 7, 8) Review Questions 2: answers

Lesson 3: Holiness in the Kingdom

( March 14, 15) Review Questions 3: answers


Lesson 4: Not Wholly Holy

(March 21, 22) Review Questions 4: answers  Commandments CCC Pt 3: Section 2

Lesson 5: Holiness in the Prophets

(March 28, 29)

Lesson 6: Holiness in Person

(April 4, 5)

Lesson 7: Becoming Holy, Becoming Gods

(April 11, 12)

Lesson 8: The Body of Holiness

(April 18, 19)

Lesson 9: His Type of Holiness

(April 25, 26)

Lesson 10: Holiness and the Priesthood

(May 2, 3)

Lesson 11: Holiness in Hebrews

(May 9, 10)

Lesson 12: Holiness Today

(May 16, 17)

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